Reduce Poverty in Inner Cities

An Overview of which factors are making cities smarter and why, what’s possible and how and what we can expect, and when.

Smarter cities are providing a myriad of benefits for their people, businesses and governments:
*an improved quality of life,
*sustained economic vitality,
*and intense communication through social media.

Michael Dixon leads IBM’s strategy and its implementation for Smarter Cities around the world. Prior to a brief period as the Managing Partner for IBM’s consulting and systems integration business (GBS) in Central/Eastern Europe in 2011, Michael was the Vice President of Public Sector for GBS in the Growth Markets, leading teams focused on supporting client initiatives in Government, Healthcare Payers and Providers and Education across Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, Central / Eastern Europe and Latin America. Client success in numerous projects resulted with IBM providing strategic advice, business change and process transformation to improve services and deliver cost efficiencies.
Before joining IBM Michael completed a BBSc at La Trobe University, an MSc at the University of Melbourne and a PhD at the University of Alberta. Michael is an Australian and spends his time in Melbourne, New York and all parts of the world.

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