Private Knowledge Management: SHARE, REUSE, COLLABORATE and LEARN

I restructure my knowledge management approach today. above you see a short mindmap outlining my idea. It is based on three principles SHARE, REUSE, COLLABORATE and LEARN.

  1. SHARE: This means when I work on a problem I share it with others and solve it together. Sharing your problems and solutions increases your reputation and at the same time reduces problem solving time. This can be done in a company social network ( at IBM this would be IBM Connections) or professional networks like quora or linkedin groups. The faster way for you to implement this is to:
    1. Make a list of all relevent professional social networks and groups and start interacting on them.
    2. Create a working directory in the cloud for all the documents you work currently on. A online cloud storage makes it easier to share files with your colleages and colaborates from your network. And decreases the hurdles for them to help you.
  2. REUSE: The key to reuse is that you have an archieve with all finished projects. And like with EMails research has show that there is no benefit of folder organization. There I advice you to find a online storage system like google docs with good search capability and ocr. This enables you to search directly in the documents instead of going through many folders.

COLLABORATE and LEARN are also important, but are more connected to the right tools and business process to utilize your previous build up REUSE and SHARE capabilities. I will attend to this topics in a post in the future. 

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