how to plan your week & day.

G: This note explain how to plan the task you do each week1. Once you’re effiecent at the daily execution, you can improve your overall effectivness by starting to plan your week & day. This includes moving project along from how to plan projects (next action), general todos, areas.

S: Start by planning what you want to do each week. Oder the projects in [[ _ projects ]] by priority2. Next tag the 3 outcomes for the week in [[ _ projects ]] with #prio3. Create a calender entry for a next action for each outcome tomorrow. Then each day add a list of the calendar entries to the daily file4. Reap this and add each day again 3 outcomes in line with the weekly goals. If those don’t a lign with the “urgent” e.g. work task: timebox (done is better then perfect) the non prios of my life to max 30% per day. Futher cancel meeting and schedule vaccation.

  • how to plan to week / sprint - plan the 1 goal for the week (personal) - check last & next weeks calendar and write down important tasks - select 2-3 outcomes from the active projects
  1. execute & document your day 

  2. how to plan projects describes how I document the projects itself. The project file is only for prioritizing and writing down the next actions for the projects. 

  3. My proejcts are selected and prioritized based on the goals in my areas. 

  4. execute & document your day I have a script that transforms my calendar into an agenda into the daily page. 

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