IKEA starts with Internet of Things Furniture, how could we integrate more #iot into our furniture?

Qi is a popular wireless power standard from the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) that is available in many hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, airports and other public locations. But IKEA wants to bring the convenience of this into the home, so you’ll be able to place a smartphone on certain charging pads that are built into the furniture. It’ll be the first time built-in wireless chargers will be available to consumers from a mass-market furniture retailer.

While this will get rid of device wires and any need to remember where you put your charger, the furniture itself will require a power source to facilitate the energy transfer to your smartphone or tablet.

The move is a big one, not only for IKEA but also for Qi, which is just one of two other major charging standards, including the Power Matters Alliance and Rezence. The report also notes that furniture with built-in wireless charging will cost about $22 more than normal furniture pieces.

I ask the question, how could you integrate the IoT more with our furniture?
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