what is a digital garden

G: This article describes what a digital garden is. S: A digital garden is an online space to write down notes and connect them. Digital gardeners edit and refine their notes. 1 The digital garden “is about documenting what you learned” 2. “It evolved through the history of the web” 3. You can build a digital garden in many different ways.4 There is an interesting community around digital gardens to interact with and learn from.5

  1. How to set up your own digital garden - Ness Labs 

  2. A Digital Garden · Scott Spence 

  3. A Brief History & Ethos of the Digital Garden 

  4. (1) Obsidian example, (2) Notion based digital garden, (3) a good example developed with jekyll, a theme with search 

  5. bmann has a garden on startups. maggieappleton from egghead.io has one. She also collects a list of other gardens. joey banks from twitter has a garden. There is a bio technologist with similar setup. miketannenbaum is a role model on gardening. As well as Nicole van der Hoeven a developer advocate. 

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