Big Data News January 18, 2013

  • No Holy Grail: Moving Beyond the Data Warehouse

    Cloud data, cubes, relational databases, flat files, unstructured data… the list goes on and on. Ten years ago, many would have said that the future of data and business intelligence lay in unified, cohesive data warehouses where organizations could store all of their datasources (after ETL, of course). The future is here, but many organizations are finding that their databases are maturing and growing faster than their ability to integrate them into their data warehouse.


  • Data Scientist: Closing the Talent Gap

    Nobody doubts that companies everywhere will continue to ramp up their hiring, recruitment and training of data scientists. But there seems to be a growing alarm that we won’t have enough data scientists to go around.

  • Survey Fatigue

    Survey fatigue is a problem across organizations. People rapidly lose interest in completing them, and many customers get frustrated when they don’t see their survey input create change. Given this, are surveys really needed? That’s what we explored in a recent #cxo Twitter chat.

  • Threat prediction and prevention solution framework from IBM

    Threat prediction and prevention solution framework from IBM can help intelligence and homeland security agencies uncover security threats and take action prior to the execution of malicious and damaging activity. Read this brochure to learn the key components of the solution and how you can uncover and respond to nonobvious patterns and relationships.

  • Data Science Technologies Ecosytem

    See: …

  • IBM PureData System Testimonial featuring Brightlight Consulting

    In order to offer better insight to large-scale retailers, Brightlight Consulting needed an analytics solution that could master Big Data inherent to the retail industry. IBM PureData System for Analytics gave Brightlight faster quereis than ever before, allowing them to efficiently and simply process dozens of terabytes of data for better business intelligence and analytical capabilities.

  • Healthcare 2013 – Don’t Leave Home Without Your Umbrella

    The 2013 forecast for United States healthcare is stormy, but organizations that have begun to prepare will see sunny days ahead.

  • IBM PureData System Customer Reference featuring Market6

    This video addresses how Market6 has implemented an IBM PureData System for Analytics solution to house and process more than 100 TB of data. The client uses the platform to operate its information services, so that retailers and manufacturer customers can view the same information at the same time. Gaining the ability to provide its retail customers the information they need to increase competitiveness, improve customer retention and drive sales growth.

  • IBM PureData for Analytics Customer Reference featuring Premier Healthcare

    Premier Healthcare Alliance has implemented PureData System for Analytics to enable advanced analytical capabilities to more than 2,700 U.S. hospitals and 90,000 healthcare sites; and has seen four major benefits: ease-of-use, fast query response time, quicker load times and in-database analytical capabilities.

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