Big Data News December 21, 2012

  • Driving Growth in the Desert


    Today, the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and Desert Research Institute (DRI) announced they are partnering with IBM to use the PureSystems family of expert integrated systems for big data analytics and advanced research applications in the state’s higher education system. This will serve as a basis for a new public and private sector collaboration that will drive overall workforce and economic development across the state.

  • Analyze This: XO Communications Reduces Customer Churn with IBM Predictive Analytics

    Using IBM predictive analytics, XO Communications reduced its churn rate by 23% in just 18 months, adding multiple millions to company revenue. Hear how they did it.

  • Big Data and Big Data Analytics: Separating Reality from Hype

    Colin White of BI Research and Harriet Fryman of IBM describe use cases and the benefits customers are already gaining by applying analytics to big data.

  • Peering into the Coming Year

    Earlier this week, IBM unveiled its yearly “5 in 5” list – five predictions that forward-thinkers expect will come to be within five years. This year’s list envisions computers that will literally “touch” us, as well as see, hear, taste and smell. As Popular Science put it, “Siri suddenly seems quaint by comparison.”

    Since the five-year view is taken, I turned attention much closer, asking several regular Big Data Hub contributors for their prognostications of what will happen in the world of big data in 2013.

  • Update About The Data Science Apprenticeship

    We have received a lot of messages about our 6-month data science apprenticeship. We are currently writing the book that will teach you everything you need to know to become a real data scientist.


  • Political Campaign Data Science

    Yesterday, there was a meetup in Arlington on Political Campaign Data Science with a panel of four experts to talk about their work. As we have all heard, the 2012 Presidential election was steeped in data like never before, with the Obama campaign in particular using advanced analytical methods to target voters, and with Nate Silver and other polling aggregators providing fascinating insights into the dynamics of the campaign. Sasha Issenberg,…

  • Converting Big Data Hype into Big Value with Analytics: BI Research

    Big data analytics not only can improve business decision-making and enhance business innovation but it’s also what provides the business value for big data. Download this white paper by Colin White, president of BI Research.

  • Structured vs. Unstructured Data: The Rise of Data Anarchy

    Data science and business analytics works with both structured and unstructured data. Yet the future belongs to unstructured or semi-structured data from both internal and external sources.

    Total Enterprise Data Growth 2005-2015…

  • How to Build Security into Big Data Environments


    The rise of social media, the cloud, mobility and big data are making threats harder to identify and exposing important information. For businesses and governments, improved data security and privacy should be on the “new year’s resolution” list. 

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