How to automate your twitter strategy

We all need to be social today. But when to find the time? Everyday we split our time up between making our clients happy and living life with our family and friends there is not much room for something else. That’s why I developed a strategy that utilises technology to automate my “social life”. This strategy is how you get and keep  over 2000 followers at lightning speed.

This is based on the twitter recomendation from my fellow IBMer Michelle (follow her @MCooke2013) with addtional hacks I found out in my last 2 Month.

Getting Started

  1. Start by looking at what others are doing.
  2. Create your account on

Note: Do not create an account name with IBM in it eg. @IBMMichelle. Review IBM Social Media Guidelines for other guidance.

  1. Update your profile to include #hashtags relevant to the business line you support or the industries you are engaged in so that you come up in search results when others are looking for new people to follow, eg. #IBM, #Tivoli
  2. Make sure you include: “All tweets and opinions are my own” as per IBM Social Media Guidelines.
  3. Personalize your account with a picture – people relate to people.
  4. Tweet and retweet! Try to tweet a minimum of once per day.
  5. Look for interesting articles online. Many offer Tweet buttons that make it easy.
  6. Tell everyone you’re on Twitter, don’t be shy! Put it in your online profiles and your email closing.
  7. Be topical with the news of the day. eg. Earnings report, and add your comment or spin on it.

Build your following

  1. Follow as many people as you can. Go to some of the sites that you think your customers would visit such as @ITWorldca. Then see who they are following and who is following them.
  2. Read through the profiles of people to target the audience for your messaging. Pick appropriate people and follow them.
  3. Follow back your followers or you risk them unfollowing you. If you do not follow someone back it’s like saying “I am ok blasting messages at you, but I don’t really care what you have to say in return.” You can only direct message those whom you follow.
  4. Twitter has a cap of 2000 people until you get your following up to within 10 percent of that number, then you can exceed it, so you’ll need to analyze your followers.

Automate your following

  1. Sign up with and download the Tweepi v2 select all Extension for google chrome.
  2. Now use the built following strategy and use the ‘follow followers’ feature, put in the name of an account that post similar topics like you, click start following.
  3. Now you see a list of people that mentioned this account, klick the tweepi select all extension.
  4. Repeat for every page until you reach your 2000 follower max limit or there are no more people to follow.
  5. Then redo this process.
  6. You can automate this with an autoklicker.

Analyze your followers

  1. Use to analyse your followers.
  2. Unfollow followers who do not reciprocate and those who are no longer following you.
  3. Follow more people on Twitter until you reach your cap of 2000 set by Twitter.
  4. Repeat often (but not daily – Twitter will put your account on hold) – Michelle recommends weekly.
  5. Remember to follow back those who have followed you or risk losing them.
  6. Do this by using the “automating your following” strategy.

Other tips and tools

  1. Schedule your Tweets with
  2. Shorten your urls with within Hootsuite, or, or SNIP, or IBMurl for IBM Intranet sites.
  3. Make it easier for others to Tweet with  by providing “Click to tweet icons” and messages in event and other marketing promotion emails and powerpoints so your messages can take flight; and by promoting your Tweets in Lotus Notes by pasting a Twitter icon box into your note.
  4. Add Twitter to your email signature easily here:
  5. Track your Twitter influence with free sites such as and

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