#AI helps save #freespeech from troll and hate comments, what do you think?

Situation: More and more trolls impact free speech online by either creating an artificial public opinion, enraging the crowd with hate comments or misleading us with fake news.

This must stop, as it is currently the biggest threat to free speech and the free internet. If we can not prevent artificial bots from manipulating public opinion the only way is to restrict the free, open and anonymous internet. To me that would be a horrible result as it is the foundation of tremendous innovation in so many areas.

Solution: Use an AI that checks all comments/posts on major social network platforms like facebook. The AI then does not prevent you from posting your opinion but identifies troll behavior as well as “fake stories” and displays the troll and fake probability KPI besides every post . This allows us to still share everything and don’t restrict free speech but gives readers an indication how trustworthy the source is. Furthermore when one clicks on the KPI number, it shows why the number is as it is e.g. a list of news sources pro and against the “fake story”.

How: Well trolls — use inflammatory statements to start a reaction — can be difficult for a human to detect, so solutions like IBM Personality Insights can indicate whether the sentiment is accurately judged depending on the commenter’s personality traits. It can then determine whether the message is ironic, sarcastic or deceptive.

Idea: This could actually be build as a Chrome Plugin for everyone to download even if facebook itself does not introduce such a KPI plugin.

What do you think is this a good idea?

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