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Calendar Assistant – privacy focused calendar automation for Mac *work in progress*

Calendar Assistant

The simple privacy focused calendar assistant for Mac

The habit scheduler

  • that automatically schedules time for your habits
  • protects these time slot based on your priorities
  • reschedules your habits around changes in your calendar (new invites, conflicting meetings created by you)

The task scheduler

  • that automatically schedules time for task on your todo list (Apple Reminders, Todoist, Obsidian)
  • ensures you have enough time planned before the deadline
  • reschedules tasks based on priorities and schedule changes
  • informs you the moment you schedule doesn't allow you to meet a deadline

100 % local & private

Calendar Assitant works locally on your devices. Your personally identifiable information & business secrets are not access by any 3rd party software. Reviewed by the official Apple App Store process. No hassle getting the software approved by your companies security officer. I create this tool after another great tool was denied my company for GDPR and business secret reasons.

User Experience

"I analysed my usage and with a calandar assistant I increased sticking to my habit (workouts, programming, family time, working on my personal goals) more than 45%. Yes I'm not very good sticking to my habits :( And I reduced my time managing my schedule by over 1 hour per week. I hope I can do the same thing for you :)" - Dennis (the developer)

Calendar Assistant strikes the perfect balance between simplicity, privacy, and power.

Use it as a you personal calendar assistant, a simple menu bar app, or your secret productivity weapon.

Sometimes the simple things are best.


It's free. But given some adoption I hope to work fulltime on this. There will be always a free tier, I plan to introduce some features for power-user that have high value from the software & can afford paying a fair fee. To be frank fair monitarization is hard, and I probably going to exerpeiment something. And I will always honor early adopters that help promote the app.

  • as earning more than X
  • as about how much they use it
  • referals (reducing with time after some month)