Why I am not following you? You are … #improvetwitter

  • Spammy: tweeting more then 5 times a day.
  • Trivial: I don’t care about the menu on your flight.
  • Selling: 80% of your stuff is just about how great you are.
  • Non interactive: you are not interested in conversation.
  • Non-doing: you talk to much but do to little.

Be more:

  • Interesting: Work on something interesting and talk about it.
  • Collaborative: On this with others (me?).
  • Fun: From time to time it is ok to be trivial and tweet about fun things.

I did not follow this myself but I will hold myself to this standard and hope I will contribute to a better experience for everyone. The first thing I did – deleted my automated Industry 4.0 summary on paper.li that spammed my timeline, defollowed accounts that where spamming me and now I’m hoping to having more meaningful conversations.

Feedback aways welcome!

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