Weekly Big Data News

  • Amazing Tomorrow's Customers

    Today’s customer is changing right before our eyes. It seems as if just yesterday customers were leery of online shopping or even mobile shopping. As technological developments, social media, and the data deluge change the way customers shop, buy and behave, companies must prepare for tomorrow’s customer or fall by the wayside. In a #CXO chat, best-selling author Shep Hyken led the discussion as we explored the needs of “tomorrow’s customer” and how businesses could prepare to amaze them. We captured a snippet of the conversation.

  • A First-hand Account of the Big SQL Technology Preview

    One of the recurring themes at yesterday’s “Big Data at the Speed of Business” launch was comsumability, which is just a fancy word for ease of use. Let’s face it, Hadoop can be hard; big data can be complicated, and there’s certainly a learning curve involved in being able to leverage most big data solutions.

  • The Age of Agile: Beyond Big Data

    Big data has its discontents. The backlash is a necessary reality-check in an otherwise vibrant arena. Often in this industry, when a technology is vogue, the hype can interfere with rational decision making, both among users and among solution providers.

  • Goldilocks and the three business analysts
    John Weathington has some suggestions for you when you’re surveying the landscape of business analysts to augment your team of information specialists.

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