This is the piratescientist home …

Previously I blogged under my own domain But a lot has changed since I created my personal page.

I became more familiar with the technology. My interest in bio tech and med tech was triggered by my brother who studies biotechnology. And so my focus shifted from Industry 4.o, the fourth industrial revolution when machines become inter connected, self-aware and fully automated until they become autonomous, to Biotech.Especially CRISPR/CAS triggered my attention.
So I work two days on how to set this new blog up correctly. What a waste of time, then I realized. It is always about the minimum viable product. And nobody including myself is interested in a nice theme or design, it is fully about the content. Especially because the main focus of this blog, is to document my learning journey, find like minded people and exchange ideas.
I invite you to join my journey, to learn if it is possible if we can build a big data platform that analysis the genetic code of every cell of your body, create something like a hash value to check if there are mutations and next use CRISPR to correct them. Is this possible, I don’t know.
Will I only focus on this?  For now, I will try to build the cloud platform and next get the basics for the analytical part. At the same time getting the basic domain knowledge to get a clue how to make it happen.
Will I pivot? Possibly, is this a bad thing, I don’t think so. My goal is to at least give a weekly update, of the journey every Saturday, so see you next Saturday.

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