Save git password and authentication in terminal

I was very annoyed with as I had to type in my username and password every time I pushed or pulled something to the repository. But then on stackoverflow I found the solution for mac:

[code]git config –global credential.helper osxkeychain[/code]

this allows you to use the normal OS X keychain to store the git credentials. In the link you find also windows and linux solutions.

Git clone and push to new repostory

For my mobile application I wanted to start from the ibm sample bluemix application ‘bluelist’ but then store my source code in my own repository at github. For this to do I as follows :  

  1. I create a new repo at github. 
  2. I clone the repo from the ibm repo to my local machine. 
  3. git remote rename origin upstream 
  4. git remote add origin
  5. git push -u origin master

To pull in patches from upstream, I simply run git pull upstream master && git push origin master.