#futureofhealth: research shows metformin might slow aging and cancer

Harvard researchers discover an ancient, unified mechanism by which metformin both kills cancer cells and extends lifespan with anti-aging effects. from longevity

  • Hypothesis: Does Metformin reduces the statistical occurrence of a cancer and other age related metabolic diseases in patients?
  • What is Metformin: A substance┬ámarketed under the tradename Glucophage among others, is the first-line medication for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.[3][4]
  • Data Analysis:
    • Multiple Studies show that patients treated with Metformin show a 30+ percent reduction in cancer risk.[21][22][23][24]
    • Data on the relation between Metformin and age related metabolic diseases[1]
  • Further Questions you can help me with:
    • How does this effect occur?
    • How can Metformin be produced? Can it be produced in “home/popup labs” also in developing countries?
  • Further Information:
    • In the autumn of 2015, the US drug agency FDA approved a study with 3,000 volunteers for the year 2016. It is intended to participate in persons aged between 70 and 80 who are suffering from cancer, cardiovascular disease or disorders of cognition (eg dementia) Or have an increased risk of this. It is to be investigated whether the life expectancy of the subjects can be prolonged by metformin and the course of already existing diseases is influenced positively. The FDA’s decision attracted particular attention as it approved for the first time a study aimed not directly at preventing, treating or curing a disease, but slowing down the aging process.[26][27][28]