Monthly review: November 2014

In November I spend most of my time learning how to use the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter and File Adapter. Also I am glade to took the time to change my diet. I packed 20 kg in the last 2 years. And I have to loose those. Also I invested some time in networking and building up my twitter audience. This allows me to share information much more effectively.

Especially I talk to Matthias Günther about Industrie 4.0 projects. And we agreed that there is a large potential for a cloud based IoT Analytics solution. And we agreed to keep in touch about the topic. So if you are interested in joining the project mail me.

For Dezember I plan to:


  • Installing the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter 
  • Connecting to SAP via RFC/BAPI Outbound and Inbound 
  • Connecting to SAP via ALE/iDoc Outbound and Inbound 
  • Modelling Binary Data (a SAP iDoc) with DFDL) 
  • Using the IBM Integration Bus File Adapter 
  • Configuring the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter Security using SAP SNC
  • Learing ESQL for IBM Integration Bus 
  • Wireframing a Mobile Application with Sketch 3
  • Bootstrap the mobile application development with Yoman scuffolding for Ionic and AngularJS
  • Using Bluemix Mobile Cloud Services with a hybrid cordova app
  • Implement a Bluemix Push Notification
  • Compile mobile app and publish in App Stores 


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