BETA [WIP] Execution Framework for Daily Workload

As I described I think we all need to be agile and pivoting like startups to make the best out of our resource. When we do we have the chance to change the world. One small task at a time.

The following presentation gives you an overview how J.D. Meier, a project manager at microsoft adapted Agile to a productivity method.

I made the workflow somewhat more concrete:

For me the core value is that a task should create something tangible. Only code in the repository exist. (No speed limits!)

  1. COLLECT everything into an Inbox: This is very important as it allows you to have an Inbox Zero, stops your from the task of keeping things in your mind but just dump it into your Inbox (For me this is an Evernote Folder INBOX).
    1. If it is not related to a task delete it. Or if possible don’t even put it into the inbox. The management of an repository of information is to expensive. Use social networks.
    2. If it can be done in less than 2 min do immediately and archived item in BACKLOG (add a reminder and instantly mark as done).
    3. Else create a project for it and answer two questions What is my goal? Why is this important to me? If it is not important it I add an reminder and directly goes into backlog. If it is important I tag it with importantx as well as the area where it belongs.
    4. Monday Vision: Check your Hierarchy of GOAL & Backlog what is relevant for this week, and select 3 result for this week: “If this were Friday, what are three results I want under my belt?”
    5. Daily Win: Check the Monday Vision for 3 result of today: ““What are the three things I really want to accomplish today?”
  3. EXECUTE: Set of values, experiences and best practices.
  4. REVIEW: Daily scrum, friday reflection

The most important part are the VALUES of the doing & the executing to apply:

  • Only tangible results count (“Writing code”)
  • It is about feedback loops and iteration: If you give the product to the customer he will give you feedback. If you don’t progress you either not produce or you produce nothing good.
  • Fail fast & Done is better then perfect

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