Daily Scrum November 28, 2015

Daily Scrum 28. Nov 2015

What did I do since the last daily scrum?
– Went working out
– Went to the Stadtbibliothek München (free wifi, nice place to be) and started with my java lessons

What will I have done until the next daily scrum (Biggest Frog Task)?
– I will finish this weeks lesson on Java.
– I will finish up the writing part on the developers guide.
– I will watch Breaking Bead with H.

What interfered with my work?
– The wifi connect in this places is not made to be used for streaming, therefore bring the videos and the task next time with you.

Days to Deadline and what happens when doing nothing about this today:
– 4 days to Review of Developers Guide

Daily Scrum November 27, 2015

Daily Scrum 27. Nov 2015

What did I do since the last daily scrum?
– I went to the Stabi in Munich and got my identity card, and learn that there is no free wifi unless you are a student
– I found potential good wifi places (Stadtbib Munich, DB Lounge)

What will I have done until the next daily scrum (Biggest Frog Task)?
– I will workout, towards my goal of being healthy and in good shape.
– I will go to the Stadtbib bring my grilfriends books back, check the wifi and work (do my coursera course) until they close at 16:00.

What interfered with my work?

Days to Deadline and what happens when doing nothing about this today:
– 5 days until developer’s guide review

Why I will focus more on the human in the future of industrie & living

In the last years and month I kept my eye on the areas of Industrie 4.0 or Industrial Internet. While I will continue this journey, and will refocus more on the area around lifestyle and healthcare and consumer products. Why?

I definitely believe that there is large potential in Industrie 4.0, I personally am quite surprised with the experience how long it takes until an idea makes it to pilot or even production in the enterprise it. In the consumer area the cycle times are much lower.

But there are two more important reasons. First I enjoy helping people, and when I thought about my dream when I was a little boy, I dreamed to help people make the world a better place by making them more happy and helping them to be healthy. Well back then I dream of healing every diseases and fixing all the world problems form climate change to mass hunger. Most likely this will stay a dream, but I love the idea to contribute a small small piece to something meaningful.

I always believe I could do something meaningful, and this does not mean to revolutionise the world, only few of us are luck enough to experience this. But do something meaningful means to putting your head to a meaningful challenge and throwing punches to wear down the challenge for a heavy hitter to punch it out.

But do something meaningful means to putting your head to a meaningful challenge and throwing punches to wear down the challenge for a heavy hitter to punch it out.

So we come to the third reason: I am currently working at IBM, and one reasons I chose to work for IBM was that they brand themselves as a company that contributes something meaningful the the solutions of large problems. Currently I integrate systems at big banks, while this is important, it seams quite meaningless compared to curing cancer or alzheimer’s or any other disease. But as it seems we IBM has not given up on making meaningful contributions. When they announced in April 2015 that “healthcare will be our moonshot”, I knew that I have to be a part of this. Therefore I will refocus on this area, and learn what is important about this topic and how it can be combined with the Internet of Things. I see a large overlap between Industrie 4.0 and the consumer side. I think we will get a much larger acceptance for Industrie 4.0 to be not just another buzzword, when we focus on the customer and identify areas where we can generate immediate benefit to the people.

What this will mean for my focus areas, well I will have to keep learning to develop and maintain apps on a cloud platform. This includes connecting things to the cloud with Arduino & Node.JS. Those Applications will follow a modern agile Microservice architecture. But modern application need also some analytics to generate value from data. To do this I will useApache Spark, Java, Python, R and Statistics.

This will be continued!

Monthly review: November 2014

In November I spend most of my time learning how to use the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter and File Adapter. Also I am glade to took the time to change my diet. I packed 20 kg in the last 2 years. And I have to loose those. Also I invested some time in networking and building up my twitter audience. This allows me to share information much more effectively.

Especially I talk to Matthias Günther about Industrie 4.0 projects. And we agreed that there is a large potential for a cloud based IoT Analytics solution. And we agreed to keep in touch about the topic. So if you are interested in joining the project mail me.

For Dezember I plan to:


  • Installing the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter 
  • Connecting to SAP via RFC/BAPI Outbound and Inbound 
  • Connecting to SAP via ALE/iDoc Outbound and Inbound 
  • Modelling Binary Data (a SAP iDoc) with DFDL) 
  • Using the IBM Integration Bus File Adapter 
  • Configuring the IBM Integration Bus SAP Adapter Security using SAP SNC
  • Learing ESQL for IBM Integration Bus 
  • Wireframing a Mobile Application with Sketch 3
  • Bootstrap the mobile application development with Yoman scuffolding for Ionic and AngularJS
  • Using Bluemix Mobile Cloud Services with a hybrid cordova app
  • Implement a Bluemix Push Notification
  • Compile mobile app and publish in App Stores 


Meeting Process


  • Location: Yelp: 3.5 or more stars, $-$$, noise level: average or quiet, accepts credit cards, wifi: free (if possible), accepts reservations if possible. (Make reservations under “Dennis Seidel”)
  • Please create “Travel” appointments 1h before and 2h after lunches and 1h before / 1h after coffee.
  • Make sure calendar entries have location and backup contact info.
  • Cc: me on all correspondence. If you need action/input from me, add @Dennis: <message> near the top of the e-mail.

I think it is awesome to get to easily set lunches, coffees, and calls with people. This is how that process looks like:

  1. I bump into people in person or get an email from them. If I meet them in person, I scan in or take a picture of their business card and add it to my file.
  2. I introduce myself via e-mail and ask him/her to schedule lunch/coffee/a call. I use an e-mail template on my computer or a snippet on my phone to make sure that I include all the information necessary. I also refers to a note with my preferences and processes.
  3. I contacts the person and negotiates schedule / location using http://doodle.com/dennisseidel or manual scheduling through e-mail, following up in case people don’t respond. If possible, we’ll suggest a venue with good WiFi near the person’s office or location. He or she would create a calendar entry for the meeting as well as travel/preparation time around it.
  4. We have a task board where I could see where people are in the process, so I can be sure that nothing slips through the cracks  and we review it periodically.

It’s important to me that the process doesn’t make people feel like I’m standoffish or self-important. I also want to make sure that we don’t drop the ball even if I take tasks back, so I want to use something like Trello to track scheduling status.


STEP 1. Find a time that works for people.

In Stuttgart? Offer lunch or coffee/tea, my treat. I prefer 60 minutes for lunch or coffee/tea, and 30 minutes for a phone call. I’ll take 30 minutes for coffee/tea if needed.
Days: I prefer to meet on Monday or Friday, usually afternoons. Ask me before offering mornings or anything that conflicts with something else on my calendar.
Buffer time: Around lunch appointments, I prefer to have at least 1 hour free before lunch and 2 hours free after (-1h/+2h). For coffee, I prefer to have 1 hour free before and 1 hour free after (-1h/+1h). Please create “Travel” appointments blocking off the time once the time is confirmed.
Suggest three times on different dates. In the same email, ask them to check http://doodle.com/dennisseidel for other times if the times don’t work. If meeting them in person, ask them where they’ll be on that day.

Check my address book to see if I have a cellphone number for them. If not, ask them for a cellphone number I can reach them at just in case something comes up, and add that to their address book entry. You can use http://contacts.linkedin.com to update contacts in my address book.

Negotiate time if needed. If they respond by email, check that the times still work with my schedule, create calendar entries, and invite them.


If they suggest a place, go with their suggestion.

If they don’t suggest a specific place, just a neighbourhood or intersection, use yelp.ca and suggest something (or see my preferences below). Criteria for Yelp: 3.5 or more stars, $-$$, noise level: average or quiet, accepts credit cards, wifi: free (if possible), accepts reservations if possible. If the place accepts reservations, please reserve – pick a different place if you can’t get a reservation on that date.

If they don’t suggest a location, or they want us to suggest:


  • Monday: […]
  • Friday: […]
  • Reutlingen Downtown: Alexandre
  • Ehningen IBM:
  • Stuttgart Downtown: […]


  • Reutlingen Downtown:
  • Ehningen IBM:
  • Stuttgart Downtown: […]


Add to Google Calendar: Dennis / Hard Appointments

Title: Person’s name – Dennis Seidel: Discuss <topic>

Location: Name of restaurant, address

Attendees: invite them


Dennis Seidel’s cellphone: 0171 1277440

Link to Yelp page for restaurant

<agenda or body of email>

(Happy to reschedule or move – introduce me to your favourite place!)

If the place accepts reservations, please call and make them under the name “Dennis Seidel”, and add a note to the calendar entry.


Check the calendar entry two business days before the event. Follow up with email confirming the date and time, asking them to edit the calendar entry or email me at mail@dennisseidel.de if they need to reschedule.


Sample e-mail introducing the assistant and asking her to set things up

Hello, John!

I’d love to meet with you for lunch to discuss sketchnoting – my treat. Could you please organize lunch for maybe the second week of December? Thank you!

Dennis Seidel

Sample e-mail from assistant

Hello, John!

For lunch, would either Dec 10 (Mon), Dec 11 (Tue), or Dec 13 (Thu) work for you? 12pm usually works, but she’s happy to meet earlier or later if needed. Alternatively, if none of those dates work for you, you can check her availability at http://doodle.com/dennisseidel or send me a few dates and times that fit your schedule.

Also, where will you be at that time? If you’ll be near your office at 123 Anywhere Street, I can find a restaurant nearby. If you’ll be elsewhere, tell me and I’ll look for somewhere close – anywhere near the subway line would be fantastic. Got a favourite? We’d love to find out about it!

What phone number would be the best to reach you at in case something comes up?

Best regards,

Dennis Seidel

Sample calendar entry

Subject: Lunch: John / Dennis – sketchnotes

Attendees: john@example.com

Location: Restaurant Name (123 Restaurant Address St., Toronto)

Sacha’s phone: 416-823-2669

Your phone: 123-456-7890

Restaurant website: http://www.example.com

On Yelp: http://www.example.com

To reschedule, please contact me at ______ . Need to reschedule on the day of the event? Please call Dennis.



<agenda / notes from e-mail>

Sample confirmation

Hello, John!

This is Dennis again. I’ve set up the calendar invitation for your meeting with me for 12pm on Dec 13 at Restaurant Name. Please tell me if you’re having problems adding it to your calendar. If you need to reschedule, please feel free to get in touch with me. You can check http://doodle.com/dennisseidel for updated availability. If you’re rescheduling on the same day, please call me at 0171 1277440. Thank you, and I hope you have a great conversation!

Dennis Seidel