CIOs and Cloud Computing

For chief information officers, cloud computing is no longer a question of if. Rather, the focus now is on where and how to deploy it.

This key message emerged from a recent survey of CIOs at larger companies, which was conducted by The Boston Consulting Group. CIOs, this latest survey revealed, have moved well past the dip-a-toe stage with regard to the cloud. They consider it a potent tool that can deliver benefits extending far beyond cost reduction. And CIOs are applying cloud services increasingly aggressively, although they do not consider the cloud a panacea. They believe it must be applied selectively—and managed closely.

BCG’s View on Keys to Cloud Success Tomorrow is most intersting. BCG recommend that, as they plan their next wave of investments, they consider dividing the range of scenarios in which the cloud can add value into four categories—what BCG terms commodity IT, agile IT, scale IT, and growth IT. Each has its own characteristics and demands and will respond best to different cloud strategies, technologies, and services. (See Exhibit 2.)


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